If you are interested in starting your own business selling our Transdermal Health Patches we manufacture and supply wholesale – worldwide.

We are fully qualified Naturopaths & Homeopaths & Chemists; we manufacture all of our formulas that we sell on our products page.

We manufacture from our own sterile laboratory in Australia and we have been in business since 1982.

You won’t find a cheaper nor speedier supplier.

We can supply any quantity of Patches at any time from 10 sheets of patches to 10,000 at low wholesale prices. Start small and build your business without having to carry huge amounts of stock.

Average mark-up gives you a 70% profit margin.

For more detailed information contact us for price lists and detailed information. Please note the wholesale information is for those wanting to start a business on-selling not just for personal use.

We sell all of the patches on our products page wholesale – also any other formulas you can think up or want as your exclusive product to on-sell.

The Nova Clinic is the only manufacturer of these health patches in Australia and we have many on-sellers.  Others you may see on-line are probably manufactured in China.

Buy with confidence, we only manufacture with integrity and knowledge.

This isn’t about competition there is enough business in the world for everyone.

We create and sell a quality, successfully proven, healthy product and therefore help a person to create their own self-supporting businesses – which in turn helps thousands of people to lose weight and regain their health, longevity and peace of mind.