The Nova Clinic Australia

The Nova Clinic has been owned and operated by JenBella Nova since 1982. over 40 years.
However only the Nova Homeopathic Clinic Manufacturers Homeopathic Heath and Diet Patches in Australia and is one of only two in the world at this stage who manufacture hCG (diet) patches. So buy with confidence here, and know that you are buying from a Professional Homeopathic Clinic with many years’ experience.

We manufacture the old traditional way and will only deal via honesty and integrity, our practice for excellence and balance in all things will never change.

We fully guarantee the strength, quality and potency of our Homeopathic Patches.

The formula in the patches and the patch stickiness lasts for two years if stored correctly. As in stored in the envelopes they come to you in, away from direct sunlight, strong odours, microwaves and computers. If you follow these directions your patches will stay potent and sticky.

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Advanced qualifications in Natural Medicine, being, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology and natural chemistry.

Our Product

On the net you will notice a vast array of sellers of herbal and diet patches. 99% of them are on-sellers and buy from a few companies in the world who manufacture homeopathic drops, tablets or patches for wholesale on-selling.