Self Talk

Whatever you have experienced before, whatever your results with diets have been, however you think as to your ability to achieve success that is programmed inside your head, no matter how big the mountain of achieving your slenderness goal seems

None of that matters it’s just old history as today is a NEW Day.

Generally people who are overweight feel bad about themselves and feel like a failure. Advertising, maybe your family and certainly you will tell you so. But enough of this self-pity which will get you absolutely nowhere – today really is a new day, the answer is here and it will be a very easy and empowering journey.

The HCG PATCH is proven successful, it’s exciting, easy and it works. Forget the past and see this opportunity to achieve your goals as many have already done, and sustained, that this can and will work for you.

This website will answer all of your questions, it will support you and you will succeed.

When on the HCG eating plan and using our patches – if you have a bad day, as all human beings do, don’t stress or feel sorry for yourself just get back on the wagon and have a new day with better results. Every day will be better. Some have a false start – that is the diet-failure mentality. But don’t ever let that rob you of your power to succeed. Because succeed you can.

The mental programming is important for your happiness and how easy an experience this will be. So be conscious.

The Nova HCG Patch WILL take away your appetite and you will be able to sustain a diet of 500 calories per day for three weeks, this diet was created by a medical Doctor with literally thousands of success stories. You can and will lose weight every day; this is a reality as it has worked for so many people before you, the product itself works in seemingly magical ways.

The ingredients in our hCG Patches allows your body to use its bad fat as extra calories and fuel, the ingredients takes away your appetite and boosts your metabolism and burns fat. They also help to reprogram you away from the diet-starvation-yo-yo-failure mentality – you won’t want to ever go back there.

As you release toxic laden fat from your body you also get rid of allergies and addictions.

You can talk yourself out of it and fail and stay fat, or you can have an awareness of your own indestructible power and succeed as never before. Your choice.

This is your day, your experience; if you want to be slender then you can be, you just need to start. You deserve to achieve your weight loss goal; the past does not matter, forget it and move on fresh and new.

This is not about will power, our HCG Patch will do the hard work for you, so you just need to believe in yourself and look happily towards the future and feel proud of your strength so you don’t make the experience hard for yourself.

There is also no need to prove anything to anyone else as that can be stressful and disempowering. Just quietly go on the program and see the kilos and inches melt away every single day and gently celebrate how wonderful you are. And as others start to notice just say – yes I am losing weight and it’s so easy, love it actually.

This is the last diet you will ever need.