Shingles, Nerve Pain & Rash Relief Patch

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Shingles and nerve pain is soul-destroying pain with nothing available from main-stream medicine except chemical pain killers/drugs -which can certainly become addictive, store chemical residue in the body as well as cause severe constipation.
Don’t even get me started on the side effects! – Taken many times per day and night, yes it can dull the pain but is the zombie affect, feeling like crap and just existing worth it.

The Nova Clinic has created this nerve pain patch (because of personal experience with Shingles) and it works. As soon as the rash shows up you know you have shingles, stick two patches on immediately.  When the pain is very severe you will need two patches, as the pain lessons go down to one. Wear the patches until no pain and no more rash – the ingredients will keep soothing and supporting you. Also you will want this patch immediately from us so opt for overnight delivery within Australia or Express outside of Australia when you order, we will know its urgent and will ship same day as payment received.

Note the ingredients in the patch may take 24 hours to kick in fully.

If you have nerve pain not associated with Shingles it still of course works on the pain and helps build the body up again.

The ingredients in this patch will also quickly decrease the itchiness of the rash, the rash will fade away over weeks and the depth of pain (sudden sharp bouts as well as constant pain) will become less and less.  What is best with this patch is that it can replace your pain meds. And all of the ingredients in the patches are plant based.  So you are not taking in those chemicals/drugs which of course can never be good for your health.

Organic Ingredients from Nature’s Bounty:

High doses of Vitamins A, B-1, B-12, B-16, C & E – builds up your heath again. Powerful healing on all levels inside all cells.

Amino Acid Lysine – helps to build up the immune system.

Purple Rice – helps digestion, liver function, sleep, irritation. Builds more mitochondria which in turns heal powerfully, naturally.

Iris versicolour – for bloating, vomiting, nausea, bile production, inflammation and pain.

Rhus toxicodendron – for skin rash, cramps, restlessness, infections.

Mezereum homeopathic – for pain.

Apis mellifica – for pain and itching.

Passion Flower – stress, anxiety, sleep.

Feverfew – for pain

Oat Straw – anxiety, stress, fatigue – soothing

Saffron – pain, shock, rashes

Hemp CBD Oil – Anxiety, depression, moods, immune system.

Omega Fatty Acids (plant based) – inflammation, autoimmune disease, pain and skin issues.

Your Nerves in pain.

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