Eucalyptus Oil & Manuka Honey Health Patch

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There are over one hundred potent phytochemicals (natural plant-based chemical compounds) in eucalyptus oil.
And the other ingredient in this patch Manuka Honey is just plain amazing and a wonderful, a totally natural healing food and tonic.

Not to be used by pregnant or nursing women or children under 8 years old.

Benefits to you re these two ingredients:

Improves brain function, anti-cancer benefits, anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, reduces fever, fights germs and eliminates parasite infestations, pain relief, reduces blood pressure, helpful for diabetes, helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps respiratory disease, cleans up antiviral activity like e-coli, staph, candida, and herpes and golden staph, treats pneumonia, treats all types of insect bites reactions, good for congestion and coughing, promotes wound healing, prevents infection and lung congestion, helps muscle and joint pain, treats repetitive headaches, meningitis and influenza and ongoing can stimulate and build immunity.

The potency of Eucalyptus oil in our patches is carefully regulated as more is definitely not better.

1] The strain we use is Eucalyptus Globulus – the measurement is equivalent to 2 drops (approximately 5.8 mg) per patch which is gradually absorbed via the skin over a 3 days period that you wear the patch, so you are never taking 5.7 mg in one dose.
You can’t overdose on eucalyptus oil via the Nova patch – it is a very gradual, therefore diluted, absorbsion.
We also add Manuka Honey which in itself has astounding healing properties.

2] Proven benefits of taking in Manuka Honey [from New Zealand]: Aids outer wound and ulcer healing, prevents gastric ulcers, improves digestion, treats acne, and kills bacteria, infections and super bugs. Soothes common stomach upsets, good for acne and bad skin conditions, improves skin tone, helps gum disease, gets rid of free radicals, improves hair softness and growth, helps insomnia, a multiple list of nutrients, heals allergies and is a natural energy powerhouse.



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