Essential Before Diet Liver Purification Patch

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Use this patch for 2 weeks before you start your HCG, 10X or Super Patch Diet.
This Liver Purification will cleanse your liver if it is clogged, sluggish, fatty or toxic laden – and it will be.

This liver-issue may well be the problem you put on weight in the first place.

While using this patch to give yourself the best chance at healing your liver, and to lose some fat, inches and weight before you even start your diet – cut back fats by at least 50% – being any oil or butter or foods cooked in same. Also avocados, coconut, red meat or fat laden foods like take-out and dairy and eggs.
Dairy includes all cheeses, milk from animals and butter.

Cutting back like this will really give your liver a chance to release stored fat (some of it as old as you) and from there all of the organs the liver supports like adrenals, blood, brain, nutrient absorbsion, release of waste and metabolism will be perked up and really ready to release fat once you start your diet.

What a gift – a great patch to use even if you are not going on a diet – use as a tonic.

13 Ingredients – All herbs:

Raw, organic Manuka honey – the natural sugar content carries nutrients to all cells for organs to accept nutrients.

Never confuse sugar from honey or fruit as bad sugar, your body needs natural sugar (glucose) to release fat.

Aloe Vera – binds onto toxic muck and carries it out of the body.

Amla Berry – high potency Vitamin C content feeds the liver and immune system, also destroys pathogens.

Ashwagandha – builds up the adrenal glands, protects the liver from excessive adrenal fatigue caused by stress.

Burdock Root – purges the liver, expels old red blood cells, and improves bile production.

Cats claw – destroys viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms and so builds the immune system.

Eyes bright – anti-bacterial, anti-viral, up-rooter of bugs and germs. Improves bile productions and strengthens white blood cells.

Ginger – dislodges fat cells inside the liver. Expels ammonia, toxic muck from the intestines and colon.

Glutathione – supports all liver cell functions.

Schisandra Berry – balances adrenals, increases oxygen into the liver. Has tons of minerals and other nutrients to feed the cells.

Vitamin C – detoxifies, cleanses, releases stored adrenalin. Repairs tissues and nerves. Helps fatty and sluggish livers.

Zinc (from liquid zinc sulphate) – eliminates toxins, copper and toxins. Builds immunity. Strengthens mental clarity and physical endurance.

Collagen – and extra boost to build up sagging skin while dieting.

Detoxification – as the liver purges of old micro-toxins, germs, muck and unidentifiable waste they will dump into the blood stream, move around the body including the brain and then pass out of the body via – urine, bowel motions, sweat, breath or fever. You may/may not experience fevers, cold or flu like symptoms, headaches, mood swings, bowel or stomach upsets, skin rash, aches and pains, sleep disturbance or a change in appetite – but you may.

All detox symptoms are temporary and quickly change.  Celebrate change always as positive.

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