72 Essential Minerals Patch

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Minerals Trans dermal Patch – 72 Minerals are needed for you to fully function.

Minerals can be divided into the essential minerals that the human body needs into two categories: major minerals and trace minerals. If levels of any of the seven major or nine trace minerals are low, body structures and functions such as the nerves, bones, teeth, muscles, digestion and blood clotting, can be affected.

Signs of Mineral deficiency can be exhaustion, cramping of the muscles, numbness, tingling in the fingers, fatigue, poor appetite and irregular heart rhythms, melancholy, strong smelling urine, constipation, weakness, and feeling run down and over-extended. Toxic, slow metabolism, slow wound healing, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, numbness or tingling in the extremities, poor concentration, slow social or mental development in children, weakness or tiredness or feeling the cold intensely. Skin problems, feeling stuck, poor thought formation, lethargic and irritable. Gastric, gut and bowel problem.

No quick fix – minerals like vitamins and trace elements need to go into the body via food every day. If you are deficient in minerals you can use our transdermal patch to feed the minerals into your blood stream for as long as you like, which in turn will feed the body.

To obtain optimum benefits this patch should be worn for at least three months. Change the patch on the same day once a week.

Several different patches can be worn at the same time; this is the same as taking supplements in tablet form. The patch delivers the supplements gradually and harmoniously over a 24 hour period.

The nutrients in our patch are derived from ancient humic shale – it is ground up ancient shale which is then soaked in purified water for one month, the minerals leach into the water. This is turn makes our Mother Tincture.  Eventually once potentized this powerful remedy containing 72 plus minerals is impregnated into our patches.

The following minerals, plus trace elements, we derive from Humic Shale and make into our 72 essential minerals patches.


Our Patch Ingredients – are as powerful and old as the earth itself, all of our minerals and trace elements are taken from humic shale and processed into Colloidal form then Homeopathics:
Colloids are tiny particles that retain their identity even while suspended in liquid.
There are 72 powerful nutrients are in our Minerals patch.

Humic shale was created by the decomposition and compaction of prehistoric plant material
and is over 75 million years old – it is full of amazing nutrients.

Nature gifts powerful nutrients to us in abundance.
Think of our all natural ingredients as good food.

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