Natural Weight Loss Trans-dermal Patch

Invented & manufactured by

The Nova Clinic. Australia

The Blue Pearl weight-loss, (cotton) trans-dermal patch, is not about dieting or deprivation.  You eat the foods you normally eat (obviously excluding sugar and junk food) and you will lose fat from all over your body, and off the scales, using this nature-based  skin patch.

The better your food choices are the quicker you will lose weight.

You will have no real appetite and no strong desire to eat.
And an amazing side effect of the unique ingredients is that you will feel very calm,  relaxed,  happy and energetic .

When you do eat you will only be able to eat a small amount.
So,at all times only eat quality food.

Forget usual mealtimes, rather eat when you are hungry and stop immediately when satisfied. Don’t ever think you must clean the plate or not waste a few leftovers; your body is not a rubbish bin.

If you force yourself to eat, or overeat, you will feel uncomfortably over-full or nauseated after.

Before & After Photos

50-year-old woman. Start weight 73 kilos (161 lb)
After three easy months of eating the foods she liked and wearing the Blue Pearl patches, the end weight is 57 kilos (125 lb). A loss of 16 kilos (35 lb), two dress sizes – and still losing. Her comment “it’s the easiest way I have ever used to lose weight. I just wear the patches and I literally don’t want to eat and can only eat a small amount when I do. It is truly effortless”.

Ancient Ingredients in perfect combinations

Homeopathic Emerald: Black Cohash: Balances hormones which can cause weight gain. Relaxes joint pain. Balances liver. Helps to reduce fat on thighs and hips. Makes everything brighter in your life, as you release stress on all levels. Creates clarity and releases brain fog.

Homeopathic Blue Bell: Very powerful, natural diuretic for water retention. Helps to balance emotions and inner fears. Helps to relax rigid thinking and unbending behavior. Balances hormones and happiness.

Homeopathic Gold (Aurum). Lifts the mood and promotes relaxed sleep. Helps with eating disorders. Curbs appetite and the desire to eat. Burns fat.

Homeopathic Pearl: Aids digestion. Improves skin condition. A very calming remedy. Helps to release fat from the abdomen. Balances gut flora.
Bee Pollen (from unprocessed honey):For hormonal balance. 12 x B Vitamins for calmness and fatigue, enhances stamina. Strengthens immune system and aids in weight/fat loss.

Phytoplankton: Boosts metabolism and energy. Anti-inflammatory. Helps with oxygen uptake and release of toxins. Helps your body to metabolize carbs, fats, and sugars naturally.

Ocean Blue Trout: Rich in protein, niacin, vitamin B12, and omega 3 fatty acids. Helps in growth and development of healthy cells, assists in repairing damaged tissues – and therefore promotes healthy loss of excess fat/flab.

Fenugreek: Melts fat and makes the body feel full. Boosts energy. Promotes feelings of self-empowerment.

Vitamin C: Nature’s most precious gift. Repairs the cells all over the body. Helps the formula come together and supports absorbs ion. Speeds up metabolism and stamina.

Jade Tea (Garcinia Cambogia fruit): Improves kidney function. Lowers cholesterol. Controls Appetite, curbs cravings, balances blood sugar, stimulates fat loss.

Bittersweet Dark Chocolate: Packed with nutrients which helps the body to heal. Balances blood sugar, curbs appetite and cravings, enhances the desire for savory foods. Balances hormones.

BHB: Beta-hydroxybutyrate – raises your blood ketones which quickens the process of going into ketosis (fat burning state).

How quick to work

As this is a nature-based formula, being all natural and not a drug, the ingredients will take 1-2 days to really kick in. This will give you time to adjust and get into the right head space – because once it really kicks in you will not be able to overeat. You wear two patches the first week.

The Blue Pearl Patch pays for itself

You will find that you spend much, much less on groceries so the patches will pay for themselves very quickly. The more patches you buy at one time the cheaper they are

The Blue Pearl Patch gets stronger

The longer you wear the patches, and the ingredients flow into the bloodstream the more intense the results will be.  Your appetite will diminish so that while you will certainly feel like eating at mealtimes you will only be able to eat a tiny amount – compared to the week before. So, eat healthy to keep up your energy levels and emotional health balance. Natural health is all about balance on all levels.
The longer you wear Blue Peal also your feeling of knowing you will achieve your goal will get stronger, no matter how long it takes, and and there is no rush, you will get there – and you will know that powerfully, deep within.You are in control of your destiny, its real.

Never eat

Sugar and trans fats are poisons and stimulate your body to manufacture and store fat. So cut out sugar laden foods like lollies, chocolate snacks, donuts, biscuits, cakes, pastry, potato chips etc. Deep fried, greasy foods. Any junk fast foods -like KFC or MacDonalds. Sodas like coke, mountain dew etc. Super-market oils that are not cold pressed. Avoid bottles of sauces and dressings that are full of sugar.
Create new habits to keep you slender for life.

Do eat

The foods you love and are used to,excluding the above.
Include some of the following –  Any fresh vegetables, salads, legumes, potatoes, fruit, and berries.  Breads. Eggs, butter, cheese, meat, wild caught fish, turkey, chicken.Try to buy free range where you can.  Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Rice. Sushi. Sandwiches. Occasional No-sugar sodas, like coke-zero, are fine.


Take it easy, be sensible not in denial. You only have one body, and you want yours to be not only slender but beautifully healthy, long term. Don’t ever use sodas/mixers that are not no-sugar.

The average weight loss

The average weight loss on the scales is 1 kilo (2.2 lb) per week (if you are not over-eating when no appetite and eating consciously). Even if the scales move slowly, you will still be losing fat from all over your body – so old tight clothes getting loser are the best indicator.

Gradual weight loss is best as it resets your set point, so you won’t regain. If you rapidly lose weight re fasting/starvation you will only lose excess fluid and quickly regain what you have lost.

Note that younger people will lose weight faster as their metabolism is not as sluggish as older people, say over 50 years.

If you are not losing weight after one week

Change your food choices. Chart every day what you eat – keep a notebook. Don’t overeat, stop immediately when you feel full. Be Conscious of what you are stuffing into your mouth, stop and listen to your body. Look towards attaining your goal weight because you will.

Your weight on the scales will fluctuate

It is perfectly normal for the weight to go up and down on the scales, it does not mean you are not still losing weight all over. Tomorrow the weight will go down again. Keep a notebook by the scales, weigh yourself at the same time every morning (after you pee, and before breakfast) and write down your digital weight. You will see gradual weight loss most days. It is very uplifting to do this, especially months down the track and looking back.


As you diet the fat cells(which are full of toxins) empty. The toxins are released through breath, urine, waste and sweat = fat loss.

You may/may not experience some of the following mild symptoms as you lose fat and therefore detox: It all depends on your past diet/eating habits. If excess in salt, sugar, alcohol, or junk (trans fat) foods you will detoxify. Which your body will thank you for later by you feeling very well, energetic, calm, and happy ongoing – once the toxic fat has left the body.

The patch ingredients will not cause any negative symptoms; the following comes from your cells releasing fat and their toxic contents. Again, you may not experience any of these, but if you do, they are temporary.

Sore throat, mild diarrhea, constipation, aches and pains, itchy rash, tiredness, bad breath, thirst, headaches, flue like symptoms, change in sleep patterns.

Sugar cravings

Sugar cravings and food addictions will disappear within a few days

Not hungry but

You will not be hungry however in the beginning you may still want to overeat occasionally, even if you are really full. This is because eating represents pleasure to you, and you want it, even feel like you really need it. Not logical of course and it’s only a habit. These feelings will quickly pass. You will want to be slim more than just eat for no reason.

The hardest part of this process is

Being patient. The weight loss with Blue Pearl is gradual but it happens every day (if you are not overeating). Slower weight loss is better as it stays off and you create new conscious eating habits, and a new set-point.

Keep hydrated

Essential to help get rid of the fat coming from the cells.Drink small sips of water often. Or full glasses if you like water. Always have a bottle of water with you. Add flavoured Stevia or ice cubes if you like.
*Sugar laden fizzy/carbonated drinks are not included in the program.


Any exercise is good exercise, so do a little each day.
Rebounder, walk, run, swim, yoga, dance, palates, lift weights, laugh, and sing and enjoy life. You are going to reach your goal weight it’s something to celebrate so go for a short walk.


You will pee more often while on the patch (especially at first) as your body is stimulated to release excess trapped fluid, and as fat empties out of your fat cells.

Clarity and change

As a side effect of the ancient ingredients in the formula you will find you gain clarity.  This is as if a light as gone on or much of the brain fog that you carry without realizing it, fades away. From this clear perspective you will change several things in your life that you just put up with at the moment. This will be to your advantage in all ways – especially emotional health.  It will be as if you gain inner strength or clarity.

Blue Pearl and your hair

A great side effect is that your hair will improve as your health improves. The new growth may become your natural colour again in people whose hair has gone white. This happened to several people of the Blue Pearl trials. At first your hair may, as it changes, seem dry, or you may lose some (old and damaged) hair, so use conditioner. Then after a month or so the new growth will be super healthy. And as long as you wear the Blue Pearl Patch it will continue to improve. We are waiting to see if our formula also stimulates new hair growth for thin hair and bald patches – let us know what you experience.

What age can use the blue pearl patch

Any age or gender.

Will it interfere with my medication or contraception

No, it is totally safe. No side effects

Can my chubby young teenager use Blue Pearl

Yes. We have found that once overweight children start to lose fat and they feel better about themselves  they will try harder to achieve more of the same. You need to supply on-going healthy foods and hide the junk

Can I use when pregnant or nursing

The patch ingredients won’t hurt you in either instant but when you are pregnant you should not diet. You need all of your nutrients for a healthy baby. When you are nursing yes you can use the patch if you want to, though again you do eat more to create milk when nursing and feeding two humans

Blue Pearl Patches are made of

Our patches are flexible to skin contours, are waterproof and breathable. They are small and round like a band-aid, they are made of Cotton with good quality acrylic adhesive

Directions for use

Will be emailed to you when you place an order, and it is ready to ship

Will I regain the weight

No. You will have set up new patterns of behaviour to do with food and will also havenew set points. Also, your state of mind will be much stronger and more focused, and your metabolic rate changed

Ten Tips

1] Chips & dips are not real food.

2] Make the time to plan/organize your food a week in advance.

3] Eat real food. Eg: eggs, meat, fish, cheese, chicken, good breads, vegetables & fruit. Foods that will fill you up and give you energy.

4] Cook extra chicken or meat with meals to have on a sandwich the next day.

5] Cook extra with a roast dinner, or any meal, to have a ready meal for the next day.

6] Keep sliced bread in the freezer. Take out 2 slices, add/or not, add butter. Once you organize the filling. Eg;mashed boiled eggs, the bread will have thawed and be fresh.

7] Intermittent fasting is very doable with Blue Pearl and can give you extra weight loss and positive results re feeling very well.

8] To speed up weight loss either have No Carbs OR No Fats for 1-2 months. This is not essential and would take a few weeks adjustment, but some people feel the need to do it.

9] Only eat when hungry, don’t eat on auto just because it’s a mealtime and your brain thinks it’s time to eat. Re-educate your brain/habits.

10] Cutting back on all foods and cutting out the obvious No-list is enough to see gradual weight loss on a daily basis. Note that the ingredients in the patch will also help your body to lose weight, it’s not just about a change in appetite.


Once you attain your goal weight you can wear one patch for a week, even two weeks if you want to. For as long as it stays on the skin. The ingredients will dilute/weaken as the time progresses. You can miss a week or two if you want to.

Always keep a pack on hand they won’t go off, just follow the  storage suggestions to the letter (that come with the instructions).

Some people only wear the patch for a few weeks in this maintenance stage, then not for several months. You can find your own groove.  Even after attaining your goal weight the patches are a great support system to use if you wish.

Can I just stay on Blue Pearl forever

Yes if you want to, it won’t stop working and won’t harm you. All of the ingredients are very healing for all organs of the body. However, re weight loss, you will stop losing weight when your body gets to its normal weight for your height. Don’t worry it will be very slender.

Free Stuff

If you send us before and after photos showing consistent weight loss, that we will add to our website, then we will give you a month free of Blue Pearl. Value $80.00.

Of course, you must be a proven Blue Pearl user via our records.
We would also like to see before and after photos of hair and scar tissue improvement.

Please make sure the photo does not have a toilet in the background, try for  a blank wall if you can. You don’t need to show your face.

Once you exchange your photos for a free month of Blue Pearl those photos then belong to The Nova Clinic.


If you want to start an online business selling this product contact for full details and price list.

* State it is about Blue Pearl and add your full name and your country.

Note to buy wholesale you need to show the website that will showcase the product set up ready. Wholesale prices are not just for personal use or for you and a couple of friends to lose weight.

Within Australia you need to supply an ABN.

12 individually wrapped transdermal patches = 1 month’s supply.
Each patch contains all of The Blue Pearl Ingredients/formula.
Manufactured in Australia. Shipped from Australia.

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