Welcome to theNova Clinic

We manufacture our own homeopathic products the old traditional way and will only deal via honesty and integrity, our practice for excellence and balance in all things will never change. We guarantee the strength, quality and potency of all of our skin patches. With Forty plus years’ experience in homeopathy you know you will receive a quality product.

Our patches are made from cotton for sensitive skin with high quality acrylic glue. Each patch is sterile and individually wrapped.

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    Stress Patch

    For all stress related issues and for all ages: Stress, depression, burnt out, panic attacks, children with ADHD, trauma, flat, no joy, can’t cope, anxiety, living in the past.

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    Insomnia Patch

    Not getting a good night’s sleep is like waking up feeling like you have been hit by a truck. You can’t cope, rationalize, be happy or joyful & life is just too damn hard.

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    Weight Loss Patch

    Imagine losing your abnormal, excess body fat, and doing it easily with no cravings or appetite.

JenBella Nova

The Nova Clinic has been owned and operated by JenBella Nova, for forty plus years. With advanced qualifications in Natural Medicine, being, naturopathy, homeopathy, natural chemistry and herbology. Jen and her staff are well able to support you in weight loss and wellness journey. . There is a two-year shelf life for the formula and stickiness of the patch if stored correctly. As in stored in the envelopes they come to you in, away from heat, direct sunlight, microwaves, and computers.

Quality & Safety

Our sterile, individually wrapped transdermal patches are made from cotton for sensitive skin.


By our thousands of happy clients, repeat and word of mouth orders. Plus own own comprehensive user trails we conducted before we launched all products.


Just imagine losing your abnormal, excess body fat, and doing it easily with no cravings or appetite.


We are the manufacturer. Buy from us personally or start a small business selling our amazingly successful product.

Nature works with you

Imagine 160 Organic Fruits & Vegetables in one skin patch and only as big as postage stamp. Wear one a week and enjoy the healthy benefits.

Energetic & Vital

Ingredients as powerful and old as the earth itself. Mineral deficiency affects every part of your body, life, health & wellbeing.

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Calm & Happy

Do your red blood cells need oxygen? You can feel run down, depressed or look anemic if you are deficient in Iron.